THE 40th Bash


The 303rd's 40th anniversary reunion took place on the weekend of the 6-8th May 2005. 

The celebrations were held at various pubs and clubs in the City of Gloucester with accommodation and the main Saturday 
evening function taking place at Nicki's Hotel and Taverna.

Follow this link for the photographic record


The 303rd live on stage:

(left to right in above pic)

Gerry Linstead
Paul Lydon
Clive Anstis
Al Reece
Taff Thomas
Taff Mace
Terry Marrett
Al Jopling
Archie Luck

And those who attended reunion but not on this pic
Al Patterson
Nobby Spink
Dave Pallister
Jock Hastings
Dave Rose
Tony Ryder

Big thanks to Taff Mace for putting it all together.

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