John (Prof) Williams



·        Convincing our illustrious keepers that my brand new tracksuit was much more suitable to a trained athlete than the starchy, pale blue, off the peg, canvas style wraparound kindly supplied by our bosses at some extortionate rate

·        The twelve month battle, with endless fun, trying to get Archie to march in unison with the other 99% of us whilst swinging his arms separately and not together

·        Midget Males our boxing hero

·        Refusing, under orders from Andy, to turn left – I mean right

·        Navigating our pilot the wrong way in open airspace- fortunately

·        Nights out playing table tennis with Steve Ather and Terry Jones

·        Taking both the long and triple jump titles at the annual sports day

·        And those photos!

From Cosford to Cottesmore – Ground photography, NDT team, Phantoms, Vulcans, the privilege to photograph the new Harrier, took up ten pin bowling and an unforgettable detachment to Singapore.

From Cottesmore to Gutersloh – Greeted by Chas Jacobs, Archie Luck, Paul Lancaster, Gerry Linstead, Dave Males and Bill Gallagher at Christmas and invited to taste the local speciality at the Christmas do in the Naafi – Guinness and champagne – woke up three days later in a strange bed and in the words of Gerry “This more or less led to a 30-month hangover”. Should we really be admitting to all of this live on air? It was however a fantastic time – sing along a Kai (Edwards - 301st), winning awards with 4 MFPU in Holland, John Frazer and Henry (walking stick enthusiasts), the mini that bombed up and down the autobahn care of Mick Key, Hunter trip over that famous dam, incredible bonding between aircrew and ground crew, much, much more and not forgetting my leaving party “A toga to far” and “The artificial lake in the theatre club”

From Gutersloh to Chivenor – A short stay where I learnt to distinguish between a good whiskey and an even better one.

From Chivenor to Cosford - A camera fitter’s course designed for an elite group of guys destined to become leaders amongst the electrical/mechanical sector of the industry.

From Cosford to Coningsby – My last posting, Air Camera Bay, Phantoms, detachment to Malta, met and married Avril and we have one daughter (Rachael 28) and one son (Jason 26). Bowling took up a great deal of my time between working and turning out to mind the bar and drinking from my most famous drinking vessel – the banjo mandolin.

From Coningsby to the outside world after 12 years loyal service – the money rolls in next year when I hit the magic 60. How so well equipped for civvi life we were!

And so to more sober pursuits:

Engineering company – Reprographics supervisor

Engineering company - Engineering Clerical Services Supervisor

Defence company – Systems Standards Manager

Engineering company – Business and Quality Systems Analyst

Engineering company - Commercial Administration Manager

University of Leicester – Law manager


Information Management Awards sponsored by Deloitte & Touché Consulting Group Category: Document Management Project Award

The Paperless Office

Finalist 1996

Runner up 1997                     

Finalist 1998


Previous interests:

Youth club, youth football team, table tennis club


Current interests:

Photography, IT, cooking, apartment in Cyprus