Iain Trimble


G1960630 Apprentice Trimble I C


May 65 Apr 66          RAF Cosford                      Craft Apprentice

May 66 Dec 67          RAF Wyton                        SAC

Dec 67 May 70          RAF Episkopi                      SAC

Jun 70 Jun 74           RAF Brampton                     Cpl

Jun 74 Apr 75          RAF Episkopi                        Cpl

May 75 Jul 76          RAF St Mawgan                    Cpl

Jul 76 Apr 77          RAF Wildenrath                     Cpl

Apr 77 Jul 79          RAF Gutersloh                        Cpl

Aug 79 Feb 81          RAF Coltishall                        Cpl

Feb 81 Jul 82          RAF Leuchars                          Sgt

Jul 82 Jul 86          RAF Rheindahlen                     Sgt

Aug 86 Jan 87         RAF Lossiemouth                      Sgt

Jan 87 Sep 87         RAF Wittering                         FS

Sep 87 Dec 88         RAF Laarburch                        FS

Jan 89 Jul 89          RAFC Cranwell                         Officer Cadet

Aug 89 - Nov 89         RAF High Wycombe                 Fg Off

Nov 89 Dec 91          RAF Coltishall                         Fg Off

Jan 92 Oct 94         RAF Cosford                            Flt Lt

Oct 94 Jun 95         RAF Rheindahlen                      Flt Lt

Jul 95 Jun 01           RAF Brampton                          Flt Lt

Jun 01 May 02         RAF Henlow                             Flt Lt

May 02 -                   DPA Abbey Wood                      Sqn Ldr


I was undecided how to approach this profile as I am aware that a wandering monologue is not what anyone in his right mind would wish to plough through.  Therefore the list above.


Along the way I got married to Julie (1970), had two sons David (1972) and Alexander (1974) and divorced in 1990.  From 1990 to 1994 I had the most amazing time.  Then I got married again this time to Jan (1994) and divorced again (1996), no children!  Current status is happily on my own living in a flat just to the north of Bristol.  However, sons grow up and some sons present their parents with grandchildren.  My first son, who is a constant disappointment to me, has presented two boys and two girls!  At my age, honestly!  My second son, who stands high in my estimation, is unmarried, still a student (second uni) but with a job (no cost), drinks like a fish and chases anything in a skirt, when he's not repairing computer networks.


Got into dingy sailing in the late 60s then changed to skiing during the 70s and 80s.  Discovered yachting, especially offshore cruising in the late 80s and the skiing started to decline.  I now skipper adventurous sail training exercises on 55ft and 67ft yachts in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Caribbean and Atlantic; and occasionally, if I have to, in UK waters.


During my Service career I've done most things that one shouldn't and been hauled over the coals for it on many an occasion.  I've also had the good fortune to have worked at several units whilst in the ranks and returned to command the people who were my work mates the first time.  Throughout the almost 38 years that I've been trying to decide if I like the RAF or not I have met and befriended some exceptional people and I'm happy to say that many are still friends today.  I've also had the chance to complete my education, though those of you who remember me will not be surprised to find that I'm still working that one.  With a bit of luck I will get my BSc(hon) in computing and information technology at the end of this year.


Finally, I should be retiring at the end of this year, however, the RAF seems to think that as they have transformed me over the years from a photographer to an integrated logistics support manager they had better hold on to me for a while longer.  Not quite sure how long yet, but I'll let tomorrow take care of that.