Martin (Taff) Thomas

My first posting after Cosford was Uxbridge, along with a few other ex 303 tels, such as Clive Anstis and Ginge Clegg etc.

Then in Jan 78 it was on to Changi for two and a half years (more friends from Cosford). I had a really great time in Singapore and in between drinking I managed to play rugby for Changi and along with Paul Lydon and Alan Reece, represented FEAF under 23's.

It was then on to Rudloe Manor. While there I lived in a basement flat in Bath where Paul Lydon was an occasional and welcome visitor. After that it was 9 months of alcoholic blur at Gan, and again plenty of ex-303. The next port of call was Northwood and then on to Digby. I managed to wangle my way out of a posting to the dreaded 399SU and got on to 54SU (a mobile unit and a much nicer life than 399).

After Digby the RAF must have made a cock up with their postings and sent me, Taff Thomas, on a 3 year dream posting to Portugal (actually it was going to be Norway initially but this was cancelled and changed to Portugal). It really was a dream posting, living on the coast west of Lisbon. Life in the RAF was never going to seem the same after this so I finished my last 6 months off at Brize Norton and I was demobbed in Jan 78 having served my 12 years.

Since re-joining civvy street I have been a training instructor for a firm producing fabrics, a salesman for a tool company called Uni-fix, a fitter with a road haulage company, a groupage co-ordinator with the same firm, redundancy, a job with a paper mill and then to my present employers Cray Valley, owned by the French oil firm Total Fina Elf. I have been with this firm for 9 years now, starting off in warehousing and distribution and for the last year moving into production. We have now been told Total are moving Cray Valley to France and othe parts of Europe, lock stock and barrel. That will be in December this year (03) so it's redundancy again for me. They are giving us a good package so that softens the blow. So here I am at 55 married with two daughters and a 2 year old grandson living in Caerphilly and looking forward to the end of the year. Who knows what the future may bring?

Anyway I must go, the hospital has just 'phoned and offered me George Best's liver. Hope to meet you all again in the near future.

Martin Thomas.
28 Feb 2003