Bob (Taff) Mace

First posting Colerne until September 1967 then 13 months in one of the RAF's holiday camps - Muharraq. Back to the UK and 38 Group TCW at Tangmere, which I really enjoyed. I had detachments to Canada and Singapore (3 times) plus lots of jollies around the UK, Stanbridge was great as was the MOD. I got PV'd for a posting to Episkopi but never made it due to the ill health of my mother. I ended up going to St Athan for 6 months and then to CDA Thatcham until September '73 when I went to 2 ATAF in Tongeren, I was only there for 3 months when the powers that be realised that I was in an NV slot so they moved me down to SHAPE which was brilliant because there were WRNS there. After SHAPE I went to Upavon and demob in Feb 76.

While at SHAPE I got married to Jane who was a Leading Writer in the WRNS, she outranked me as I only made SAC. We have two children a boy now 23 and girl, nearly 21.

My wife's family live around Gloucester and the Forest of Dean so we decided to settle here. I realised that computers where putting us Telegs out of a job so if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! I started work in the Computer Operations department of Eagle Star Insurance Co in March 1976 as a lowly operator and took early retirement/redundancy in August 1999 as a lowly shift leader. After a number of jobs, (four days with Directory Enquiries and 7 days in the Group4 Communications Centre in Tewkesbury) I ended up making Grandfather clocks but decided if I was going to carry on working I would get back into IT where the serious money is. I got a job with General Electric in Bristol and hated every minute of it. I was there for 11 months and in March this year got into British Energy which is about a mile from home. I may not be very pretty but I've certainly been lucky!

There are three other ex303ers living in Gloucester Jock Hastings, Dave Pallister and Dave Rose. Dave Pallister is in touch with Mick Hammerton who is living in Frankfurt. We are meeting for a few beers in the RAFA Club on 4th Jan. My wife and I are going across to see Dick Barton in Ireland for a couple of days in February.

Bob Mace
December 2001