Chas Jacobs

After Cosford I went to Wyton then to Gutersloh in Germany on 2 MFPU. Spent most of the time under the influence but found time to do a bit of canoeing (nearly drowned some poor sod). Learnt to ski (even got a cup).

Back to Honiton for a few months then on the ACF course back at dear old Cosford. Worked evenings behind the bar at the working men's club. Took Paul Lancaster to a party at my home and he ended up marrying my sister.

I then joined 1 Sqdn Harriers at Wittering with detachments to Italy, Sardinia, Norway, Masirah and Cyprus.

Off to Luqa in Malta, drove over on a motor bike. Well any way got most of the way until some wally got in the way, I turned his Fiat 850 into a 425 and bent my bike a bit also left some skin on the road. Completed the journey by train and ferry. Malta was good, learnt to dive and got married and had my first kid (daughter).

Back to Wyton missed daughters 1st birthday when on detachment to Singapore, had second kid (son).

Got pissed off with RAF stumped up the cash and got out to join Police. Some bloke took a disliking to me, (can't think why) and made some holes in me with a sharp bit of metal. Screwed up a nerve in my arm for a while and upset the missus so I left and became a newsagent with a big company.

Did well at that and got promoted to dizzy heights of regional manager in the West Country running 100 shops (got pissed off with that). Went to smaller company as MD. Did an MBA (I'm proud of that) and decided to put theory in to practice did a management buy out of five shops, so I could run my own company based in Weston Super Mare. Got a divorce at the same time.

Met a nice Japanese lady (Naoko who later became my wife) in Wales (its a long story so don't ask). Got fed up working my butt of for the bank so flogged company (for a song) and we moved to Singapore after being offered a job in retail by an old boss.

Singapore was good, got a new motor bike and we toured the region a bit. Also took advantage of free flights to visit other countries including Naoko's home country of Japan.

Got cancer so became a teetotal vegan, got pissed off (again) with working so hard so went to Thailand and taught scuba diving for a while (yes I am qualified).

Came back to UK and drove a truck for a bit (I dreamt of being a long distance driver when I was a kid). Took over the lease of a Bus Station Kiosk which keeps the wolf from the door and gives Naoko time for painting. She is a good artist and sells her work through various galleries (but not enough to keep me yet). I also work (paid) for three days a week with the local Citizens Advice Bureau. At the moment touch wood life is pretty pleasant. My daughter is 26 and has her own hairdressing business. My son is working in New Zealand with his girlfriend.

I have stayed in almost constant touch with Gerry Linstead and Paul Lancaster. Through Gerry I have kept up with Archie Luck. Ian Trimble came to see me when I lived in Weston Super Mare. Recently had an exciting weekend at Cosford visiting the school of photography with Gerry and Archie and a non 303rd person.

Since December 2001

After 10 years with Citizens Advice I worked as a Visitor for the Musicians Benevolent Society swanning around the South West, part of the Midlands and South Wales and met some really interesting people. After a couple of years all the Visitors were made redundant. So apart from helping Naoko with paperwork and sandwich making for the Kiosk. I am now mainly retired.

My daughter and my son have both supplied me with Grandchildren a boy and a girl each, ages ranging from 1 to 8. My Daughter lives just down the road from me and my Son is about 40 miles away in Barnstaple.

I spend my time walking cycling riding my motorcycle (when the suns out) and playing music. I perform solo and as part of a duo on Concertina, Bohran, Bones, Vocals and Jig Dolls at local folk clubs. I (and we) get a few bookings each year and I go out busking when the sun shines in the summer.

LIFE'S GOOD. "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That's why it's called the Present"

Chas Jacobs