Clive Anstis

Well as you probably remember we left Cosford in 1966 and I was posted to Uxbridge, to what was known then as the RAFAN Relay Centre and was there Ďtil June 1967 when was sent on detachment to Majunga in Madagascar. Something to do with Rhodesia and the Beira Patrol. Had a good time there for three months and then came back to Uxbridge until March 1968 when I was posted to Gibraltar for two and a half years. I worked in the two commcens there before ending up as the wireless operator on the Marine Craft Section. That wasnít bad if you didnít mind getting seasick. I met my wife, Caroline, in Gib. She was in the Royal Navy. We got married in October 1970, just after we left Gibraltar.

I was then stationed at MOD for about nine months before getting posted to that graveyard of all telegraphic, 399 S.U. at RAF Digby In August 1971. What a dump. At the time there seemed no way out of Digby so I eventually re-mustered to a trade called Rad Op Voice which involved being taught Russian and being put on time promotion. Or so they said. Anyway by October 1975 I had finished my Russian course and was posted to RAF Gatow as a JnrTech. By April 1976 they had scrapped time promotion. Typical!!!!!

I got promoted to Cpl in 1978 just after I signed on for 15 and was promoted to Sgt in 1983.

I left Gatow in 1977 and went back to Digby where I stayed until I did a Spanish course in 1979 at RAF North Luffenham, which by the way is where I did the Russian course.

From there I went to GCHQ and in 1982 I was detached to Gibraltar and then the Falklands where people decided they wanted to bomb the crap out of us.

After that it was back to GCHQ until being posted to Gibraltar again where we stayed until 1986. Oh, there was a detachment to Belize in 1981 and another detachment to The Falklands in 1986. From then until I Ďretiredí in 1995 I was mainly at Digby.

At the moment we are living in a small village outside Lincoln called Washingborough where we have been since 1986. My wife works in the local Job Centre and I am unemployed surfing the WWW.

Do you know I hardly ever bumped into anyone from our Cosford days. I saw Steve Atha once, Wally Shatford once and there was a few of us at Digby over the years: Martin Thomas, Keith Pike, Al Patterson. Ian Cadwallader was at Innsworth the last time I was at GCHQ but all in all I donít think I saw many others. There were a few at Uxbridge initially but names escape me and I did bump into Charlie Jacobs at Wittering when I was doing the Russian course at Luffenham.

Clive Anstis
May 2001