The Gallery
A collection of photographs from those black and white days!

The 303rd
Room 27 Room 30 Room XX
Photogs - smile please! App. Boxer's - 3 from 303
Dave Rose Dave Rose's Graduation Dinner Menu
Al Joplin, Taff Mace
& Bob Morris
Al Joplin, Taff Blackburn,
Al Patterson & someone from 302!
Nobby Spinks, Dick Barton,
Pete Mutch & ???
Dick Barton Jock Hasting & Leigh Robinson Al Joplin Mick Hammerton
Tam Robertson Pete Mutch Toots Ryder Nobby Spinks  
Clive Anstis Taff Mace (as a baby!) Gerry Dowden Gerry Linstead Andy Renshaw
Amport House Wales Dave Hart, Andy Renshaw
& Chas Jacobs


Apps Jones(634), Renshaw
and Gallagher
La Poseur's
Can you believe this? App. Ben
The Apprentice Band April 1966
Made up of 303, 304 and 305 Entries)



The 303rd forming a Guard of Honour
for the opening of the new
Joint School of Photography
3rd December 1965

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2019 the 303rd (Craft Apprentice Entry RAF Cosford)
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