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Royal Air Force Cosford Apprentice's Page
This site is for the apprentices of RAF Cosford and is run by Terry Hunt of 227 entry. It started as a collection of his own pictures but now covers most apprentice entries. Well worth a visit.
Royal Air Force Boy Entrants Association
The Official Website of The RAF Boy Entrants Association. Membership is open to anyone who served part, or all, of their training as an RAF Boy Entrant.
Royal Air Force Photographers Association
The purpose of this site is to provide a means for both pre- and post-war RAF Photographers to keep in touch with each other, to arrange annual reunions and social occasions and to offer help and advice to members where this is possible.
Pete Rayer's Home Page (Ex 306th Entry)
This is the home site of Pete Rayer who is an ex 306th Entry Telegraphist. Pete is very big in the world of Amateur Radio and anybody with a similar interest would do well to check his site out.
RAF Luqa remembered
A site from our very own David Rose. RAF Luqa has a long and meritorious history, particularly during World War II. From 1941 to 1943 the RAF base was very important for British forces fighting Italian and German navies in the Mediterranean. Support of troops fighting in North African also played a big part in the bases' history and proved it's strategic worth time and again.
The RAF News
The newspaper for the RAF...about the RAF
Radio Caroline - 1964-2014: 50 years, the Legend lives on!

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